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How To Create Vibrant Greens


Hi Everyone,

In todays post I’ve invited my friend and award winning artist Christine Waara to share her thoughts on “Conquering the Color Green”!

Christine Waara is an award winning artist from Fairport, NY.  Her subjects come from her life experiences: florals, landscapes, and still lifes.   While she primarily paints in watercolors, she also paints in pastel and oil as well.  Christine also teaches and gives demos.  Learn more at

I’m excited and honored that Christine went out of her way to create a video just for this post! In the video she will do a brief demo on how to mix greens in watercolor both directly on paper and on a palette using warm and cool blues and yellows to get different feelings and effects.

Thank you so much Christine!



Never, Ever Give Up: Heart-Wrenching Story

There are days when our goals and dreams seem so far away that you may give up and say “The heck with it”. Then comes along someone who has overcome incredible barriers by never ever giving up!

Two years ago I resigned from my full-time job as a Bank Manager to pursue my dream of painting on a full-time basis. My husband and me agreed on taking a break for one year based on our financial situation, I have pushed that to two and now I’m looking  to re-enter the corporate world once again. Although I have achieved quite a bit in two years, financially it’s a challenge to meet my obligations. However, I will never-ever give up, I believe in “me”, that’s enough for “me”! This veteran, Arthur, touched my heart with his courage, I felt his days of despair and pain, how beautiful when a human being pushes him or herself to limits that they didn’t believe were even possible.

I hope you enjoy this video, I did…know of someone who could use a little encouragement, perhaps a veteran?

You know what to do!


Magical Beauty of Pollination

Thank you Debbie Peterson for sharing what is perhaps one of the most beautiful and captivating videos created of the nature and the pollination!

The Beauty of Pollination“, be inspired to look beyond!

New friend

Note: this little guy I chased around at the Sonnenberg Gardens forever, so I gave up and went on my way to photograph other roses. As I’m focusing I noticed he was sitting on bud, as if “I’m ready now”, too funny! I think he’s sexy and he knows it!

Got an awesome to share, send it my way!

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