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Today is the Day!

After months of planning, organizing, creating inspirational beautiful art work and overcoming  many challenges the big day is here! I’ve learned so much about painting with oils, creating a cohesive exhibit, marketing art and more importantly about where I want to go with my art.

My focus has totally shifted and I now have a different perspective for my art and my skill levels. I learned that nothing is impossible! If you a dream,  go for it! Not everyone will understand or even care, the great news is that you will find your best supporters when and where you least expect it!

So, my friends I give you license to be creativity and reach for your dreams!

Thank you, hugs and kisses to those that have been with me and supported me!

Today I share with you pictures of what the gallery looks like with 19 new oil paintings on Gessobords and Artists Panels and 9 watercolors mounted on Ampersand  Claybords. I love the products, museum quality enhances any exhibit!

Enjoy, I hope to see you tonight at the opening reception!

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Green Rose




St. Patrick’s Day roses

A few days late, but I finally was able to upload this image…Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day! I found these beautiful green & white roses at Wegmans, thought you might enjoy them!

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