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Black rose and blue rose update

I’ve placed an order at Wegmans for my black roses, they offer a great selection, some have to be specially ordered like the black roses. Black roses are not really black, they are a deep dark red-burgundy. I can’t wait to get them and photograph them in a variety of ways. I have the coolest and oldest seashell, I think it must be as million years old!

As far as blue roses, after research I did, I found these are not real roses, these are tinted through the stem. I want real roses, so I eliminated blue roses from the collection. I found have a a rather extensive and awesome collection of multi-color roses that need their rightful place! Here’s is a red & white rose with a yellow center, it definitely will be in the exhibit!


Calling all ladies!

Today I took some photographs of my black Baccara roses and I have to say I’m in love with them! The black petals have a surface similar to plums, a little opacity this is going to be a challenge for me but what is life without a challenge?

I’m cooking, waiting for my daughter to get off the bus, feed her dinner and then off to gymnastics… but I just couldn’t wait to share at least one still life photo with you. My daughter and me share a love for shoes, she has a small collection of miniature purses and shoes and I thought they were the perfect fit for “Calling all Ladies”. I wanted to repeat the polka dots in the green bowl to create harmony in the composition, the bowl serves as a nice complementary to the dark red roses. I can’t wait to paint this one!

Calling all ladies black Baccara roses


Are you a shoe lover?


Dazzling Black Baccara roses

Yesterday I picked up my special order of black Baccara roses, thank you Wegmans, they are absolutely beautiful!

Black Baccara roses are also known as “Black roses”, they are more blackish in color before the blooms begins to open. As its bloom opens, the color changes to a deep rich shade of blueberry/blackberry and burgundy. This rose is as close to black as any, blooms have a velvety texture.

Black Baccara roses

Today we had great weather, felt like summer including the bees whizzing, I decided to take advantage and photograph the roses. I found them difficult to photograph, if they were in direct light and slightly far away from the camera they photographed quite dark almost completely black, so it took a little while to get a few good shots while I sweated under the hot sun. Tomorrow I want to give it another try, I have this cool lime green bowl with white polka dots and faux black fur, we’ll see!

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