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Social Media for Artists Created by an Artist

Social media class for artist

Class at the rochester Art Club


Last year a fellow artist, asked if I would teach a class to artists about social media. At that time, I knew how to get around and since I’ve have stretched my boundaries, had my fair share of mistakes and learned quite a bit. Tada! Here it is! Here we will cover basics about the different social media platforms, how to get around or navigate and I’ll share how to increase exposure for your art and build a following!

Class Details
Learn the basics of various social media platforms, tips how to navigate and how to integrate your art for exposure. Platforms covered will be: Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogging, Facebook, Pinterest, Photoshop and Etsy

Hosted by the Rochester Art Club
1115 East Main St.
Studio 437-439
Rochester, 14609

Classes open to the public, limited space, enroll today for a great 2013!

Date: Saturday, February 23, 2013
Fee: $40
Time: 9:30-1:30pm

My second class


Red Rose painting


“Respect”, Prints available!


Painting Realistic Flowers with Oils

Paint realistic flowers with oils, build up glowing layers and intense colors. Learn tips on how to quick-start a painting. This is a solvent-free class!

When: Saturdays, March 2 & March 9, 2013, 10-4pm

Cost: $120


The best part? I’ve decided to integrate this class in my 1 week watercolor workshops! If Interested in booking a workshop, you can see the details on my Etsy shop and contact me here with any questions!


Holiday Pin, Share and Win Pinterest Contest

Welcome to my 1st Pinterest Contest! I’m just as excited as you are to share my art and one lucky winner will have the pleasure of winning an 11×14″ One of a kind Giclee on Canvas of “Respect”, the original is an oil painting on Gessobord and measures 16×20″. If interested in purchasing the original let me know!

Play on you pinners and keep on sharing, the more you share, the more chances of winning! Don’t forget to visit me on Facebook, my goal is to reach or better yet exceed 400 fans, thank you!

Note: Click on image to see up close and the say awww!

The more you share images from my “La Galeria” AND “like” me on Facebook the more chances of winning!

For full rules and regulations visit my website:

Today is the Day!

After months of planning, organizing, creating inspirational beautiful art work and overcoming  many challenges the big day is here! I’ve learned so much about painting with oils, creating a cohesive exhibit, marketing art and more importantly about where I want to go with my art.

My focus has totally shifted and I now have a different perspective for my art and my skill levels. I learned that nothing is impossible! If you a dream,  go for it! Not everyone will understand or even care, the great news is that you will find your best supporters when and where you least expect it!

So, my friends I give you license to be creativity and reach for your dreams!

Thank you, hugs and kisses to those that have been with me and supported me!

Today I share with you pictures of what the gallery looks like with 19 new oil paintings on Gessobords and Artists Panels and 9 watercolors mounted on Ampersand  Claybords. I love the products, museum quality enhances any exhibit!

Enjoy, I hope to see you tonight at the opening reception!

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Green Rose



Stunning “Gifts” From My Gardens

Today I finally found time to weed my gardens, life has been hectic and with a fracture on my leg they have been feeling and looking neglected. I was happy to get in there and pull out the nasty weeds. I found two things, first, as I clearing out the lily garden, right in my face was a huge frog just staring at me, after a jolt I moved to the other side and let the little guy enjoy his space.

As I moved around to the other gardens, I found a few roses in full bloom enjoying the evening rain and basking in the warm sun. The lovely roses had hues of deep red, pink and orange. Here are my roses!

This painting could save a child

Make a life easier for a child to breath. If you know of child that suffers from asthma, ask them a simple question; “What is it like to have asthma”? See and hear from their perspective how it feels not to breath.

That’s why “Tenderness”, the proceeds from the sale one of my original paintings for my upcoming exhibit “Gift of the Rose”, will be donated to the Golisano’s Children’s Hospital to further benefit the Pediatric Asthma Support. One of the best gifts you could give is helping save a child’s life!

tenderness of mother and child, yellow rose gift of the rose collection I’m inspired to paint flowers because I see the parallel lives between nature and human lives, perfect example is tenderness.  In “Tenderness” I feel the bond and tenderness between a parent and child, the maternal instinct to protect and nurture. This beautiful piece was in the May issue of American Art Collector and in the Xanadu’s Gallery Collectors Catalogue. It’s an 20×16″ oil panting on Ampersand Gessobord. Painting is $400, delivered or mailed after the exhibit.

Which lines should I paint first; black or white?

A few weeks ago I almost completed a painting of a bucket of roses. My first challenge was to create a different surrounding for this still life, it called for something more exciting and vibrant. I purchased the tin bucket at Target, but ahh, the seashell is very special. When my grandson was born in Florida, I traveled to be there for the delivery, I stayed with my daughters paternal grandparents or ex-inlaws, a wonderful couple that I love and admire. Funny, many people have different relationships with inlaws, specially ex-inlaws, we have a great relationship and will always have great respect for them. They had recently built a house in area with no development for miles, at the time only a few houses were built, way inland of Florida, far from the ocean. They were expanding their driveway and as they dug out the dirt, they found huge seashells, think about how old they are? Perhaps millions of years! They gave me this seashell and I have been wanting to paint it forever.

My next challenge is to paint those lines on the bucket. I didn’t save the paint mixture or write down any notes. I admit I’m terrified and have put it off long enough. today I’m facing the lines, do I paint the white lines first or the black lines? What do you suggest?Bucket of red roses with seashell



A Moment of Silence

Thirteen years ago today, we lost our sister and best friend to lifelong battle with asthma. It was devastating and unthinkable that the youngest sibling would pass on before any of us including my parents. A day doesn’t go by that we think of her…

Margarita Martinez

Today is also Memorial Day, a day to honor men and women who have given their life for our freedom, for it’s not cheap, it’s priceless! I’m specially proud of my daughter, 1st Airman Jasmine Huertas, we love you!

Jasmine Huertas USAF

Honor a soldier or a loved one today, simply take a moment of silence wherever you are to show your appreciation , kindness and love.

Orange Rose for moms

Then go beyond and pass on…

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