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How To Create Vibrant Greens


Hi Everyone,

In todays post I’ve invited my friend and award winning artist Christine Waara to share her thoughts on “Conquering the Color Green”!

Christine Waara is an award winning artist from Fairport, NY.  Her subjects come from her life experiences: florals, landscapes, and still lifes.   While she primarily paints in watercolors, she also paints in pastel and oil as well.  Christine also teaches and gives demos.  Learn more at

I’m excited and honored that Christine went out of her way to create a video just for this post! In the video she will do a brief demo on how to mix greens in watercolor both directly on paper and on a palette using warm and cool blues and yellows to get different feelings and effects.

Thank you so much Christine!



Be My Guest Artist: How Do You Manage the Color “Green”?

Of course month of March is nearly approaching and what best to talk about than the color “Green”! I’m sorry, did I say something wrong? Is it your favorite color or do you cringe at the thought of using a specific tube of paint?

Green Paint

Here is the opportunity to share your expertise, thoughts and handling of the color “Green”.  I am seeking to feature here 4 artists for the month of March to share anything green related. Here are some ideas;

  • Favorite green hue and why; yellow-green, green, blue-green, you get the picture!
  • We would love to know how you apply or manage this color in your subject; landscape, portrait, still life, and so on.
  • Show us a medium technique, yes, we would really love that! Anyway you want, photos, You Tube (yours of course) or just text!
  • What has been your color green frustrations and how you’ve overcome them or not!

Interested? Send me an email at

Hey, first come first served!




#Artists Get Featured-Color of Love

#Artists Get Featured-Color of Love

I’m looking for artists interested in showing their art here for the month of February. No fees and very simple;

* Tell me in 3 sentences about you!
* Tell me in 3 sentences what the “Color of Love” means to you; is it a color, place, people, means of expression or subject, how you paint or where you paint-get creative!
* Send me 3 or less GREAT images, 72 pixs, with description; medium and size
* How people can connect with you

Your feature will be posted here, on my Facebook page and on twitter! Are you an artist on Etsy, wonderful, sharing the LOVE!

Send the information to:

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