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History of asthma

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History of Asthma

The earliest recorded reference to respiratory distress – a disorder characterized by “noisy breathing” (wheezing?) is found in China in 2600 BC.
The Babylonian “Code of Hammurabi” recorded symptoms of breathlessness: “If a man’s lungs pant with his work.”  (1792-1750 BC).
Hippocrates (~400 BC) was the first to use the term “Asthma” (Greek for “wind” or “to blow”) for panting and respiratory distress.  He is considered to be the physician who identified the relationship between the environment and respiratory disease correlating climate and location with illness.  Some suggest he was the first allergist.
When Alexander the Great invaded India, smoking the herb stramonium (an anticholinergic agent related to ipratropium and tiotropium currently used in inhalers) was used to relax the lungs.
Roman doctors described asthma as gasping and the inability to breathe without making noise.  They noted “if from running or any other work, the breath becomes difficult, it is called asthma.”  Pliny the elder (~ 50 AD) observed that pollen was a source of respiratory difficulty and recommended the use of “ephedra” (forerunner of ephedrine) in red wine as an asthma remedy.  Unfortunately, he also suggested that drinking the blood of wild horses and eating 21 millipedes soaked in honey could help.
The Jewish Talmud (200-500 AD) counseled “drinking three weights of hiltith,” a resin of the carrot family as a therapy for asthma.  Maimonides (1135-1204 AD), Jewish scholar and Saladin’s physician treated the Egyptian’s son for asthma.  His “Treatise on Asthma” prescribed rest, good personal hygiene and environment, avoidance of opium, a small quantity of wine and a special diet.  Nuts, fruit, milk, cool vegetables and legumes (peanuts are a member of this family) were forbidden, while “The soup of fat hens” was considered beneficial.
Tobacco introduced from the America’s to Europe (1500’s), was used to induce coughing and expectorate mucus.  In Central America, Aztecs ingested an ephedra containing plant to clear mucus and, in South America, Incas treated asthma with a cocaine-like dried leaf.  In the 1800’s, Arsenic was prescribed for respiratory conditions.  In the early 1900’s, allergy immunotherapy was first introduced to treat asthma.
Asthma medicines of the 1940’s and 1950’s consisted of epinephrine injections (adrenaline) and aminophylline tablets or suppositories.  In the 1960’s oral combinations were the staples of chronic therapy.  Inhalation of epinephrine (Primatene) and isoproterenol (Isuprel) were used as rescue agents.  Oral prednisone was and continues to be prescribed for severe disease.
Since the Allergy and Asthma Medical Group & Research Center was founded in 1969, many therapeutic advances have occurred.   Inhaled bronchodilator medications are less likely to stimulate the heart and are available in both short and long acting formulations.  Inhaled corticosteroids target the underlying inflammation and minimize the potential cortisone side effects seen with the tablet and liquid products.  Our clinical research department is currently actively evaluating new asthma therapies that promise to further benefit patients.
Though asthma has been a known entity for over two and a half millennia, nearly 25 million people in the United States still suffer from this condition.  However, we have come a long way in understanding its causes and triggers and have made large strides in our ability to treat and control it.  We pledge to continue to give our best efforts to expertly and compassionately care for our patients with asthma.




This painting could save a child

Make a life easier for a child to breath. If you know of child that suffers from asthma, ask them a simple question; “What is it like to have asthma”? See and hear from their perspective how it feels not to breath.

That’s why “Tenderness”, the proceeds from the sale one of my original paintings for my upcoming exhibit “Gift of the Rose”, will be donated to the Golisano’s Children’s Hospital to further benefit the Pediatric Asthma Support. One of the best gifts you could give is helping save a child’s life!

tenderness of mother and child, yellow rose gift of the rose collection I’m inspired to paint flowers because I see the parallel lives between nature and human lives, perfect example is tenderness.  In “Tenderness” I feel the bond and tenderness between a parent and child, the maternal instinct to protect and nurture. This beautiful piece was in the May issue of American Art Collector and in the Xanadu’s Gallery Collectors Catalogue. It’s an 20×16″ oil panting on Ampersand Gessobord. Painting is $400, delivered or mailed after the exhibit.

A Moment of Silence

Thirteen years ago today, we lost our sister and best friend to lifelong battle with asthma. It was devastating and unthinkable that the youngest sibling would pass on before any of us including my parents. A day doesn’t go by that we think of her…

Margarita Martinez

Today is also Memorial Day, a day to honor men and women who have given their life for our freedom, for it’s not cheap, it’s priceless! I’m specially proud of my daughter, 1st Airman Jasmine Huertas, we love you!

Jasmine Huertas USAF

Honor a soldier or a loved one today, simply take a moment of silence wherever you are to show your appreciation , kindness and love.

Orange Rose for moms

Then go beyond and pass on…

Allergies or a cold? Take the quiz

This is one of our “discussions”, is it allergies or a cold? We know spring is here or coming, how about other times of the year?

“Parents’ offers this interesting quiz to help us figure it out and breath a little easier, thanks “Parents”!

spring trees allergies or a coldasthma

Quiz: Does Your Child Have Allergies or a Cold?

11 Smart Ways to Prevent Allergies

Have you ever wondered if your child has allergies or asthma, here are great tips from “Parents” on prevention tips…I love the outfits!

11 Smart Ways to Prevent Allergies

Spring has sprung and you’re tempted to fling open the windows and…ah-choo! No, you shouldn’t have to put on a face mask this time of the year. These simple strategies will help keep stuffiness and sneezing at bay–inside and out.
By Lambeth Hochwald

Be my guest!

I’m preparing for my “Live Painting Demonstrations” at Outside the Box Art Gallery in Fairport, proceeds will go to the Golisano’s Children’s Hospital to further benefit the Pediatric Asthma Support. We will have a special guest to answer any questions about Asthma! Hope to see you there!

Who knows I may give it a try to paint these chic shoes?

Calling all ladies black Baccara roses




Time: 11am-5pm

Location: Outside the Box Art Gallery , 6 north Main st, Faiprort, NY 14450



Help support my vision of children without asthma

Bunch of pink rosesJoin me this Saturday May 12, 2012 from 11am-5pm, at Outside the Box Art Gallery for “Live Painting Demonstrations”. Net proceeds from the sale of these demos will go to the Golisano’s Children’s Hospital to further benefit the Pediatric Asthma Support. Learn about asthma management tips and tools to stay healthy. Support a great cause and find something special for mom!

See you Saturday!

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