Sharing your Rose story or poem

As I started my sharing my story of a  Rose collection of paintings spoken by the language of colors  with friends, I soon realized they also carried a deep emotion weaved with a story that they would like to share. I thought how wonderful it would be to gather stories and poems to include and/or use as inspiration in the exhibit! I can not guarantee that I will be able to incorporate each piece, by sharing this blog with friends and family it will be  part of our journey.  As we build the blog it will become a piece of art! 

My dream is to publish a book with a selection of the stories and poems along with my artwork where the proceeds would go to a charity such as The Golisano Children’s Asthma Fund or Asthma Awareness. This is a big goal and would need the support of a sponsor or sponsors. The benefits would be to reach more people, share your inspiring stories/poems, beautiful artwork and create awareness of this crippling illness.

I am creating a collection of  paintings based on 8 colors, including multicolored or mixed roses. I empower you to give your story or poem life of how the rose or roses touched your life.  What gift have you received? Upon submitting your story please select first by color or meaning. I have provided information about the symbolic meanings, this is informational only, your story of a particular color may not be associated with any of the meanings and that’s OK! If there is a connection, hurray!

As you submit your story/poem it will not appear immediately. All post are moderated for review and then posted, this way I can eliminate the spammers. Thanks for your understanding!

Enroll to receive updates,come back, visit and watch our progress♥

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