{About Me}

Welcome to “Gift of the Rose”!

I started this blog in 2012 as a means to express my journey as an artist for an art exhibit titled, “Gift of the Rose”. The art exhibit is about the language of colors of roses, as expressed through my art and your stories. This is January 2013, the blog has evolved into more than sharing my journey. My skills keep as well as readers interest keep evolving. This year I plan to share other artists visions, how art can improve the quality of life in the home and business. I will continue asthma awareness, my mission in life!

Thanks to everyone has supported this blog and me in way or another!

Hi, my name is Peggy Martinez, I’m a full-time Professional Visual Artist and I live in Rochester, New York. I have a passion to paint flowers with watercolor, oils and acrylics. I am creating an art collection solely about roses in different colors with stories to lighten your soul. It is not meant to be a botanical education about all the varieties, sizes and species. There are many wonderful resources available through the internet and books that can offer this type of information.

My goal is to engage readers and viewers like you in an artists journey as I create an art collection; share my accomplishments, feel my pain when somethings goes crazy or wrong or embrace a painting in progress.  Live the life an artist,  feel the anticipation build and possibly be part of the art exhibit! 

Why the rose?

There are several reasons why I choose the rose, the most important is to honor my sister, Margarita “Margie” Martinez;

  • My sister passed away in 1999 at the age of 33 from chronic asthma, leaving behind two wonderful children, ages 7 and 14. They are now, 19 and 26, in college, working and she has a beautiful grandson she never met. Margie spent her entire life sick and she was “sick of being sick”. When she passed away I not only lost a sister I lost my best friend. At her wake,  a poster size board was displayed with our favorite picture of her.  My oldest sister Linda,  who loves photography,  be careful, she always carries a camera! Had taken a picture of Margie when she graduated from 9th grade when we lived in Puerto Rico, she was smelling the scent of red rose from my mother’s garden. Years later, Linda also photographed her Margie’s daughter, Chandel, when she graduated from High School in the same pose. It hit me like a brick and I broke down and cried and somewhere deep inside my story began and I immediately knew I just had to do it…share my story.
  • Roses have inspired people over ages and have developed a language of colors by attributing meanings  by color, variety and number of roses being gifted. A dozen red roses being the most popular, symbolizes “I love you”. As I began to share my journey and story with friends, they would share their story, I thought how amazing it would be to share these “gifts” and this is when I decided to start collecting stories and poems whereby I can integrate and/or capture as inspiration to the pieces.
  • Here’s a little know fact; the rose, in all its variety and color, was proclaimed the State flower in 1955. I was surprised to learn this and that I wasn’t alone! How about if we all educate the people of the State of New York with art and love♥ 

Margarita Martinez

I invite you, your friends and family to join me on a journey as an artist as I create the collection “Gift of The Rose”. Give meaning to your story and let’s bring it to life. Share a story to instill love, hope, healing and joy to others.



2 thoughts on “{About Me}

  1. Craig Canapari MD 04/17/2012 at 2:44 pm Reply

    Wow. I’m so sorry for your loss. Asthma is a terrible disease. Thank you for including me on your journey.

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