Only The Best!

Last month we celebrated the month of love with a wonderful display of artists from coast to coast and a blogger who shared her secret cookies! I’m extremely honored to have made new friends, deepen relationships and flattered to showcase emerging artists, big hugs and love to everyone, it would not have been possible without you!

Sara Pulver

Road Trip by Sara Pulver

Sujey Rodriguez

Sijey rodriguez

Arena Shawn

Arena Shawn

Melissa Schroder

Meslissa Schroder, Fiery Art

Leah Vallance

Two Lovers, LizDesign

Dorian Smythe


Louis Melendez

A Wheel For Passion ( final edit ) 2013 Louis Melendez

Diane Dean

Love Books resized, Diane Dean

Christine Parker

Parker,Christine,Boats in Barnegat Bay, acrylic

Kevin Meredith

Kevin Meredith

Betsy Murray

Betsy Murray, Image 3

Lisa Szkolnik

Resting, Lisa

Debora McDell

Deborah McDell

Milagros Coleman


Lynda Black

Lynda Black, Snuggle

and my beautiful daughters Rebecca and Jasmine Simei who made the prettiest heart shape wreath!

Becca with reef cropped banner left

Don’t miss this month where every Thursday, a guest artist will share their experience, tips and expertise about managing the “Color Green: Love or hate it?”!


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