“Color of Love”: Meet Kevin Meredith

Today, we end the “Color of Love” series with a remarkable storyteller and fine artist from Denver, Colorado. I want to express my deep gratitude to all the guests artists and bloggers that contributed to this month-long series, I truly enjoyed the connection, new friendships and bringing  readers like you new art, ideas and expressions!

I invited this talented artist from Denver, Colorado to join us because I was instantly attracted to the story in his art. I felt like there’s a story developing from each piece, a connection to humankind where the artist wants us to “read more” at your own imagination. It must be the mother instinct in me!
Please welcome todays guest of honor, Kevin Meredith

Kevin Meredith, image 1

Kevin MeredithKevin Meredith

About Me:

A little about me. I spent my childhood on a farm in the plains of the Midwest where creativity was a necessary ruse for entertainment.  Academically I later attended the University of Kansas School of Fine Arts. From then until present, I continue to refine my craft in the world of fine arts. My inspirational point in painting is to tell a story, capture a memory, real or imagined. To create something that might move the spirit and stir in you that same passion by which I am driven.

What “Color of Love” Mean to Me:

The Color of Love has different meanings. We love, share love and interpret love in different way’s. A love for a spouse is certainly not the same type of love we share with a mother, father or our siblings. Therefor, if asked to assign a color to the loves in our lives we might see a rainbow of our favorite hue’s.  My inspiration for painting is like the stirring we get when we pause for a moment.
To look at something and ponder its reasoning for being. A connection can be made and for me, at times, a painting may result as an expression to share. I have an eclectic view of what I like to paint, so who knows what the subject matter might be next.

Thank you Kevin for sharing your art with the world!

Contact information

Three web sites to connect with me. Each site offers something unique along with
price ranges;

http://Kevinmeredith.etsy.com  ..  for ORIGINAL PAINTINGS  as well as prints that come
directly from my studio. The best pricing at this site. Best way to contact me!

http://kevinmeredith.imagekind.com  .. prints printed and shipped from this site with
framed prints, matted prints, cards and more from this site.

http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/1-kevin-meredith.html  .. offers pretty much the
same as Imagekind with the differences being in framing options.


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