“Color of Love”: Meet Dorian Smythe

Welcome to the “Color of Love”, a series for the month of February featuring guest artists and other surprises. A series of colorful ideas, expressions and artistic views!

All the way from Colorado, today we present Dorian Smythe. A self-taught artist, Dorian is inspired by the beautiful european still life work of the renaissance era and the quiet hours he spends in his small studio. Involving dusty trinkets, discarded objects, and the delicate rendering of fresh fruits and vegetables, Dorians work focuses on nostalgia and familiarity. Dorian paints in a realistic traditional manner impeccable still life settings. Dorian offers prints on Etsy and is represented by the Gallery Asheville .

Please welcome todays guest of honor, Dorian Smythe:




About Me:
I am an artist living in Colorado, working in the still life genre. I enjoy hiking
and hanging out with my wife and two-year old son. I also love discovering dusty
trinkets at thrift stores and antique shops.

What “Color of Love” Mean to Me:
The “color of love” brings to mind the ability that warm rich colors have to make
you feel saturated with a certain comfort that resembles love. I think people
associate love with so many events, places, and memories in their own life while
society on the other hand has conditioned us to think about the color of love as
being variations of warm red tones, hearts and flowers. Everyone’s personal
memories of love are so unique, that makes it hard on us artists to convey – I wish
we could stop painting hearts and flowers!

Thank you Dorian for sharing your art with us!

Contact information
Prints: http://www.doriansmythe.tumblr.com
Originals: http://www.etsy.com/shop/DorianSmythe
Websites: http://www.galleryasheville.com
Websites: http://www.artsatdenver.com


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