Give “Respect” a Vote!


Today I decided to enter “Respect” in the Bold Brush art competition hosted online by Faso. “Respect” would LOVE to win this months entry and needs tons of votes! Will please vote for her?

Peggy Martinez, Artist

To vote for her, you must follow the link and vote on their website, if you show your “like” through Facebook it will not count towards the unique likes or votes.

Please, please show your support by sharing this post and encouraging your friends, fans and followers to vote…a big hug and thank you from me!!!

PS. Prints available at my shop on Etsy, may I wrap one for Valentine’s

2/13/14- Update, thanks and hugs to everyone that has shown your support and voted for my painting, as of today, “Respect” is in 1st place with 140 votes!!! The voting continues till the end of the month, so keep on sharing!


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2 thoughts on “Give “Respect” a Vote!

  1. […] if you like Peggy’s work, vote for her on Faso in the Bold Brush competition! Thanks again […]

    • Peggy Martinez 02/18/2013 at 9:30 am Reply

      Thank you Lisa Marie! The voting continues till end of the month, currently at #1, help me stay there!


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