“Color of Love”: Meet Louis Melendez

Welcome to the our series for February, the “Color of Love”!

Today I want you to meet an emerging artist, although he’s been shy about showing his artwork, I have been encouraging him to please let his artwork come out and play!

Come to find out, the creative bug runs in the family, so you will be seeing more of this talented family here! Welcome, my friend Louis Melendez;

Louis Melendez
A Wheel for Passion, copyright 2013 Louis Melendez

Shadow by Louis Melendez
Shadow, copyright 2013 Louis Melendez

About the Louis
To describe myself is to be a student for life with artist at heart. My interest is
to combine different mediums with strong emphasis for anatomy, color theory and
photography. Including techniques using computer graphics to revamp Art Nouveau in
today’s world.

Your interpretation of the “Color of Love”?
On similar note, the question as to the “Color of Love” is objective which presents
unique challenge in how to describe it in three sentences. And yet, simplistically
Love has no limits in regard to color. To support that notion, the “A Wheel For
Passion” was originally painted in acrylic on panel board as it is my most recent
work in response to the question.

You may contact Louis at: lmelende@rochester.rr.com or 585.493.2931

Thank you Louis for joining us!


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3 thoughts on ““Color of Love”: Meet Louis Melendez

  1. […] Melendez family. Today I feature Milagros Coleman, all the way from Connecticut and sister to Louis Melendez, our guest from February 6.  Milagros creates one of a kind intricate detailed masks with […]

    • Peggy Martinez 02/09/2013 at 2:13 pm Reply

      Please note correction, Milagros last name is “Martinez” not “Coleman”, I apologize for the error!

  2. […] Louis Melendez […]

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