“Color of Love”; Meet Sara Pulver

Welcome to the first day of February, this month we are celebrating the “Color of Love”! I’m excited to bring you an amazing line up of artists, ready to show their “Love”!

Meet Sara Pulver, an artist from here Rochester, New York. I enjoy her playfulness of animals, sense of humor and interplay of color;

Cats in bed by Sara Pulevr

Road Trip by Sara Pulver

Fox and Owl by Sara Pulver

My name is Sara Pulver. My style lately is of anthropomorphizing animals, in a combination of whimsy and irony I’d guess you could say. I have been painting for over 25 years now.

The “Color of Love” is all about playing with color harmonies. I love experimenting with different color combinations, saturations and hue. Love can be expressed when the colors work together because you’ve taken the time to choose which ones will live in harmony.

Thank you Sara for kicking off the “Color of Love”! Stop by Sara’s shop 3 crows on Etsy!


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