Day 8- Blog Challenge: Dreamy Office Style

Welcome back to the Ultimate Blog Challenge, 31 days of blogging, connecting, learning and having fun! My challenge is to create awareness of how art in the workspace can make a difference with your clients, employees and the bottom line.

Quick overview

We’ve been digging deep into your “officestyle” like peeling away onion layers, one by one.  have you ever met a Financial Advisor that looks, smells and speaks expensive successful lifestyle. What was your first impression? Perhaps, you thought, hmm…he/she looks successful, they must be the best in industry, they must know all the ins & outs of investing, if they managed my money, I’ll be successful! Here’s a secret, it’s in the looks, I’ve worked with some awesome financial advisors and with some that shouldn’t be in the business. However, they all looked the part, they lived the lifestyle with the nice homes, expensive cars and vacations, some earned it well and some lived beyond their means.

We’ve taken a hard look at the outside of your business, or least I hope you’ve had that honest look and/or conversation with yourself, employees and trusty clients about first impressions. Did you stand out in positive or negative way? Today, we focus on your dreamy office style. What is the ideal and perfect office in your mind? How would it look and feel? How would you “wow” your clients?

Remember, the financial advisor that “branded” success. Is your office style is a component of your brand, here are a few examples of styles. Your current office style may fall within one of these categories, but the majority are a mixed of two or more styles, a mix of ideas and collections. Wipe the slate clean, mentally for today and dream;

Decor styles

Modern office


The modern office has an open plan layout with few divisions. While traditional  offices had rows of desks all facing the same way, the modern layout has desks  facing in different directions, including each other. This reflects the equality of  relationships in modern work environments, with less emphasis on a hierarchy of power.


Contemporary office

Clean lines, smooth and polished surfaces, and few intricate details. It is not  stark and cold, but contemporary design is comfortable and spacious, without  clutter. Contemporary design focuses on neutral colors, such as creams, whites, browns,  blacks and taupe. Bold colors, such as red or yellow, are for accent.

Eclectic Office


Eclectic style is defined by an exuberant self-confidence. The eclectic decorator knows what works together by seeing relationships. An eclectic room may be defined by play with color, shape or function. It is a light-hearted style that is never boring. An eclectic decorating style is easiest to define by what it is not. Eclectic style doesn’t rigidly adhere to any one major style. It is characterized by a freedom of expression and a vibrant individuality. If you were the kind of child who deliberately colored outside the lines, this is the style for you.

Traditional office






Traditional style emphasizes proportion, symmetry and restraint. A traditional office is refined and graceful with a regard to elegant, classical forms.

Return tomorrow, when we’ll see what your office reveals about your leadership style. Does your office space have a “wow” factor? Is there an office that “wowed” you and why? Share your comments here!

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