Day 6- Blog Challenge: Standing Out

Welcome back to the Ultimate Blog Challenge, 31 days of blogging, connecting, learning and having fun! My challenge is to create awareness of how art in the workspace can make a difference with your clients, employees and the bottom line.

So far we’ve emphasized the importance of art in the workspace, whether you work from a home/office or outside of the home at a brick and mortar standard office. I’ve encouraged you to do a self-assessment your space and take a look from the outside in to what everyone “sees’.

During my business development days I visited many offices, different sizes, types, styles and industries. I can honestly say, only a few are memorable and stood out. The ones that stood out to me were warm and inviting, clearly branded their industry, thoughtful of the business decor or intriguing. I felt welcomed and inclined to develop a deeper relationship with this entity.

So, as you assessed your business workspace, there are 3 areas simple questions to help with the process. Even if you are an employee, what does your cubicle or office say about your personal brand?

Setting a tone

The tone of your workspace is an integral piece of your brand. Is your office professional, modern or outdated, relaxed or just a tad too relaxed and unorganized.

Passionate about your business and community

Have you ever visited a business that has integrated their industry as part of their decor? Such as, companies that specialize in steel display cool sculptures made from steel or a graphic design business with carefully thought calligraphic artwork or display of commissioned samples of work for their clients. I enjoy visiting restaurants that display historical photographs of the location, they take me back in time. Does your business participate, sponsor or integrate the community you in and how?

Do you stand out?

Keep in mind that nobody remembers you for doing the same things that every other business does. As a matter of fact, what makes any business stand out from the crowd in your mind? I must ask, does your business stand out from the crowd and make a memorable impression? Is so, share your photos, tell me how and why it stands out!

Thanks much for reading and looking forward to your comments.


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