Day 5- Blog Challenge: Revealing Results

Welcome back to the Ultimate Blog Challenge, 31 days of blogging, connecting, learning and having fun! My challenge is to create awareness of how art in the workspace can make a difference with your clients, employees and bottom line.

Quick review:

So far, we’ve talked about art in the workspace, first impressions and your challenge was to do a self-assessment of your workspace.

Oceanview office

Today, it’s about your findings and feedback, let’s see how you did!

  1. What did you “see”?
  2. What did they “say”?
  3. What’s your thought, is it what you expected?
  4. What would you improve or change?
  5. Does your workspace identify with your brand? 

I would love to hear your honest feedback, the only way to move forward! I leave you with this reflection;

“People draw opinions about who we are and how we operate based on what our space looks like, sounds like and even smells like,” says Jen Zobel Bieber, a New York-based life coach.

Who’s the author?

BC_Quote 5

Join the daily fortune cookie quote challenge; find the author and submit your answer, even if you can’t find the author, let’s hear from you! The commenter with the most posts and finds will have the choice of one of my prints from the “Gift of the Rose” art collection at my online shop “La Galeria” on Etsy.


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