Day 4- Blog Challenge: Assessing your workspace

You’re back-yay!

Quick review: We’ve been chatting about art in the workspace, whether you work from a home/office or at brick and mortar office setting outside of the home. We touched on first impressions and some possible implications.

Today, I’ll exchange ideas on how to assess your workspace. As an artist, I work so closely for hours at a time on a painting and cannot “see” any designs errors, uncover how to improve my composition arrangement or a color correction. At this point, I stand away from the painting and take a deep assessment, sometimes I’ll ask for feedback or let it sit in plain view and come back later with fresh eyes.

See, the same happens when you work everyday in the same environment. You get accustomed to the decor and don’t think twice about how it affects your mood, health or overall working relationships. It’s time to look from the outside in with fresh new eyes!

My encouragement today is to try any or all of these methods to assess your environment;

Take a walk
Get up walk around, walk outside look around and then walk inside, but this time walk in the shoes as a client or an employee as if you were entering for the first time.

Get feedback

Ask your employees, friends, and family  for feedback. Depending on the relationship with your clients, have an honest conversation.

What to look for or ask

Look for what stands?

  •  What’s their 1st impression; is it clean, updated or outdated, organized or cluttered, warm & inviting or cold and unfriendly, comfortable and business-like.
  • Take a look at the artwork; is there a consistent theme or consistent framing.
  • Is there a cohesive collection of artwork or a combination of prints, original art, photographs or subject matter or type of art.
  • Are the frames dirty, outdated, properly displayed or arranged in a pleasing manner.
  • Is the lighting appropriate and enhancing your collection?
  • Do you see empty walls with promises for greatness or perhaps too much clutter?
  • What’s the most prominent feature when you walk in?
  • Do you notice furniture, flooring, stairs or other features first?

What did you find? Did the feedback surprise you? Looking forward to hearing about your findings? Hang in there we’re taking one step at a time.

Who’s the author?

BC Quote 4

Don’t forget our daily fortune cookie quote challenge; find the author and submit your answer, even if you can’t find the author, let’s hear from you! The commenter with the most posts and finds will have the choice of one of my prints from “Gift of the Rose” art collection found at my online shop “”>La Galeria</a>”!


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2 thoughts on “Day 4- Blog Challenge: Assessing your workspace

  1. cherilynde 01/04/2013 at 4:58 pm Reply

    Well, I’m not currently working, so there’s not really a workspace to deal with. But I will say that at the end of last semester, they painted the walls in my school building–a horribly garish orangy-brown color. My guess is they thought it would be somehow calming to the mind and let students concentrate on the learning. But, really, it’s depressing and makes me not want to be in the building at all. Decorating fail for them.

    Oh, and I think your fortune cookie author is Ken Blanchard.

    • Peggy Martinez 01/05/2013 at 10:52 am Reply

      Colors have a larger impact on our emotions, thereby affecting our mood. I appreciate your comment and would love to integrate in one of posts that I will be writing the relationship between colors and emotions, let me know if it’s ok with you! And yes, it’s Ken Blanchard- you’re in the lead! Have you stopped by my online shop? Let me know what you think of my art! Have a blessed weekend,


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