Day 3- Blog Challenge: First Impressions In The Workspace

Welcome back, if this is your first time here, welcome to my blog!

Today I start with a quick clarification. I had initially announced that I would be posting a new painting everyday, after getting a late start thanks to the uninvited guests who corrupted files, I starting reflecting on what I really wanted to talk about. That is about art in the workspace, whether you working space is at a Home/Office, Home/Office/Studio (like mine) or in a formal brick and mortar office setting outside of the home. Again, I apologize if you’re here anticipating to see a daily new painting, perhaps it’s an idea for us to work together in the future? Give it some thought, I’m open to your creativeness!!!

Let’s focus on art in the workspace and why it matters. Today, we’ll focus on “First Impressions”. They say first impressions are everything and I agree! In my earlier life as a Bank Manager and Corporate Sales Officer I had the pleasure of visiting many businesses of all types and sizes. I could walk into an office and immediately assess how much thought is put into the office decor, especially the visitor or waiting areas and then that would follow by thoughts of how the business is managed.

So what did I think? Here are a few thoughts;

  • How successful is the business?
  • Does management care about first impressions?

Let’s look from the outside and it’s implications;

  • What if I was a prospective client; I would wonder how would you handle my account? With the same level of attention to detail or by the seat of your pants.
  • What if I was a prospective new employee, a possible future key employee; if they don’t care how the business is managed, how about me? Would I want to work here?
  • What if I was banker; how is the business managed and would I want to lend them money?

Your physical business is a reflection of you, your management style, success or lack of. The most important aspects about a business is exceptional customer service and the bottom line. We all know is the primary focus is managing your business and you work very hard at it to make it successful. Although, we’ve heard it a thousand times, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, with a little thought, insight and planning you could elevate your office appearance to a new level. We’ll dig into simple ideas and suggestions along the way. Today I leave you with amazing modern office designs from around the world found at hongkiat and here is a custom piece of art I created for a hair salon! More details to come about this custom art.

Michelle from Mane Attraction


Do you have an amazing office and would love to share it here? Send me you photos and information to and let’s talk!

Don’t forget our daily fortune cookie quote challenge; find the author and submit your answer, even if you can’t find the author, let’s hear from you! The commentor with the most posts and finds will have the choice of one of my prints from “Gift of the Rose” art collection posted at my online shop “La Galeria“!

Who is the author?

BC Quote 2


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2 thoughts on “Day 3- Blog Challenge: First Impressions In The Workspace

  1. rwhosit 01/04/2013 at 9:23 am Reply

    This is so true! I work in a model home for my brokers sometimes. I love working in the model home because it’s cleaner than my home, but I still get to feel like I’m working at home. I’m a virtual assistant and so most of the time I work from my own house. Which, since I have 8 children, isn’t always the most peaceful. However, the people who decorate the model home have excellent taste and I enjoy working there when I need to. It’s quiet, I get visitors, it’s clean! and I can lay down on a comfy couch if I need a short break! Can’t get better than that! 😀

    • Peggy Martinez 01/04/2013 at 10:06 am Reply

      Oh my, 8 children, god bless you! I certainly understand the pain of trying to keep a home clean…so, I visit my mother who is obsessed with cleaning, makes me feel better! I enjoy walking into a business that has given thought about the environment they work in and how welcomed visitors feel…like a comfy couch…a subject I will be writing in the challenge!

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