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Art Related Questions

Art related questions: Occasionally I receive questions art related form artists & non-artists. This week I got two questions, so I thought I share them with you!
 1- I had a request to paint on a T-shirt. No, I don’t paint on T-shirts, I recommend finding a Graffiti artist (Mall or Craig’s List) or ordering an image to be placed on a T-shirt.
 2- What’s the best way to ship art? If the piece doesn’t involve glass, such gallery wraps or prints, they should be fine wrapped in bubble wrap, in a sturdy box and well taped. If the piece has a glass surface, a crate is more suitable which could be fairly expensive. Here is a link to more information: For this reason I don’t sell anything framed in glass on my Etsy shop unless the buyer is willing to pay for the crate.
Have any art related questions I’ll be happy to answer them the best I can!

Your employer might not want to miss this!

Yes, Golf Ball on Parade is here in Rochester!


In my previous communication I had announced my submissions for “Golf Ball on Parade”, a similar event to horses and benches on parade. I’m proud to share with you that they have been approved for the sponsors to view! Here’s the catch, I don’t have a sponsor!
Will you help me spread the word? It’s very simple, share this email with your employer or a company that may be interested in supporting a charity and receiving tremendous visibility at the 95th PGA Tournament in 2013!

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