Stars Among Us

One of the best organizations in my community is “Latinas Unidas“, they truly live up to their mission about empowering women. I proudly served on the Board of Directors for a few years, chaired the “Reconocimiento Awards” in 2008 and have proudly taken part in other events such the East High Iron Chef the first year it was organized. These ladies have been there for me through the ups and downs of life, specially when I chaired the “Reconocimiento Awards” in 2008. This beautiful event   took place in November, one month when after 27 years with a financial institution the recession hit and my position was eliminated. They were there for me and supported me through one of the most difficult times in my life. Expertly led by Daisy Rivera Algarin, she is “Latina Unidas’ and has slowly developed this organization from an idea to one of the best non-profit in our community. I’m thrilled to be featured today in “Stars Among Us” and the launching of their new website, it looks marvelous darlings!

Latinas Unidas networking at Frontier

ps. I’m proudly doing a painting for the next Reconocimiento, more to come…



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