Stunning “Gifts” From My Gardens

Today I finally found time to weed my gardens, life has been hectic and with a fracture on my leg they have been feeling and looking neglected. I was happy to get in there and pull out the nasty weeds. I found two things, first, as I clearing out the lily garden, right in my face was a huge frog just staring at me, after a jolt I moved to the other side and let the little guy enjoy his space.

As I moved around to the other gardens, I found a few roses in full bloom enjoying the evening rain and basking in the warm sun. The lovely roses had hues of deep red, pink and orange. Here are my roses!


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2 thoughts on “Stunning “Gifts” From My Gardens

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    • Peggy Martinez 06/20/2012 at 9:26 am Reply

      On to sharing, reblogged your post with the quote about roses and thorns!

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