Which lines should I paint first; black or white?

A few weeks ago I almost completed a painting of a bucket of roses. My first challenge was to create a different surrounding for this still life, it called for something more exciting and vibrant. I purchased the tin bucket at Target, but ahh, the seashell is very special. When my grandson was born in Florida, I traveled to be there for the delivery, I stayed with my daughters paternal grandparents or ex-inlaws, a wonderful couple that I love and admire. Funny, many people have different relationships with inlaws, specially ex-inlaws, we have a great relationship and will always have great respect for them. They had recently built a house in area with no development for miles, at the time only a few houses were built, way inland of Florida, far from the ocean. They were expanding their driveway and as they dug out the dirt, they found huge seashells, think about how old they are? Perhaps millions of years! They gave me this seashell and I have been wanting to paint it forever.

My next challenge is to paint those lines on the bucket. I didn’t save the paint mixture or write down any notes. I admit I’m terrified and have put it off long enough. today I’m facing the lines, do I paint the white lines first or the black lines? What do you suggest?Bucket of red roses with seashell




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