Do you have artistic challenges?

Life Challenges


We all have New Year’s resolutions, starting the New Year with a new outlook. This year I decided to get healthy and lose weight like millions out there. I started with treadmill, then added DVD exercises and weights. I then decided to pump it up and run a 5K, I’ve never run in my life and thought this would be a good challenge. I found a great training program at “Spark people” where I can train in 5 weeks. I completed the 5 week training on the treadmill and then decided to train outside and registered for the Breast Cancer 5K Challenge on Mother’s Day. Two weeks before the big day, I twisted my ankle running on the curve in my neighborhood, I thought it was a sprain. Well, after two weeks of pain, swollen ankle and popping Advils, my family “urged” me to see doctor. Yep, I have a fracture on my leg, I’ve had a hot pink cast for two weeks now and I’m hoping that it will come off tomorrow. It surely has slowed me down and is a big pain. I continue to support Breast Cancer, I painted a beautiful pink ribbon on the cast.

During the next 5 or 6 weeks, I will be teaching a workshop out of town ( so excited), from there I’ll be at the Allentown Art Festival, I’m job hunting and painting daily for the exhibit! Let’s add the usual, birthdays, graduation, wedding parties and family camping…oh well, life could be boring!

What are your artistic challenges?



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