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Do you have artistic challenges?

Life Challenges


We all have New Year’s resolutions, starting the New Year with a new outlook. This year I decided to get healthy and lose weight like millions out there. I started with treadmill, then added DVD exercises and weights. I then decided to pump it up and run a 5K, I’ve never run in my life and thought this would be a good challenge. I found a great training program at “Spark people” where I can train in 5 weeks. I completed the 5 week training on the treadmill and then decided to train outside and registered for the Breast Cancer 5K Challenge on Mother’s Day. Two weeks before the big day, I twisted my ankle running on the curve in my neighborhood, I thought it was a sprain. Well, after two weeks of pain, swollen ankle and popping Advils, my family “urged” me to see doctor. Yep, I have a fracture on my leg, I’ve had a hot pink cast for two weeks now and I’m hoping that it will come off tomorrow. It surely has slowed me down and is a big pain. I continue to support Breast Cancer, I painted a beautiful pink ribbon on the cast.

During the next 5 or 6 weeks, I will be teaching a workshop out of town ( so excited), from there I’ll be at the Allentown Art Festival, I’m job hunting and painting daily for the exhibit! Let’s add the usual, birthdays, graduation, wedding parties and family camping…oh well, life could be boring!

What are your artistic challenges?



A Moment of Silence

Thirteen years ago today, we lost our sister and best friend to lifelong battle with asthma. It was devastating and unthinkable that the youngest sibling would pass on before any of us including my parents. A day doesn’t go by that we think of her…

Margarita Martinez

Today is also Memorial Day, a day to honor men and women who have given their life for our freedom, for it’s not cheap, it’s priceless! I’m specially proud of my daughter, 1st Airman Jasmine Huertas, we love you!

Jasmine Huertas USAF

Honor a soldier or a loved one today, simply take a moment of silence wherever you are to show your appreciation , kindness and love.

Orange Rose for moms

Then go beyond and pass on…

Allergies or a cold? Take the quiz

This is one of our “discussions”, is it allergies or a cold? We know spring is here or coming, how about other times of the year?

“Parents’ offers this interesting quiz to help us figure it out and breath a little easier, thanks “Parents”!

spring trees allergies or a coldasthma

Quiz: Does Your Child Have Allergies or a Cold?

11 Smart Ways to Prevent Allergies

Have you ever wondered if your child has allergies or asthma, here are great tips from “Parents” on prevention tips…I love the outfits!

11 Smart Ways to Prevent Allergies

Spring has sprung and you’re tempted to fling open the windows and…ah-choo! No, you shouldn’t have to put on a face mask this time of the year. These simple strategies will help keep stuffiness and sneezing at bay–inside and out.
By Lambeth Hochwald

My latest newsletter includes a step by step view

Here is my latest newsletter! This is the first step by step process of a painting that I managed to gather, I get so involved in the painting that I forget to photograph them. Here is the photo reference of the lovely bunch of roses that I painted, well, almost, you will have to follow the link to see what I mean …enjoy, would love to know what you think!

hanging red roses

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Happy Birthday Margie

This weekend I worked a booth at the Lilac Festival and wasn’t able to post this, but I do want to send to heaven birthday wishes and kisses to my sister Margie, we love you and will never forget you!

Margarita Martinez

“Strew on her roses, roses, and never a spray of yew. In quiet she reposes: Ah! would that I did too”- Matthew Arnold, Requiescat

Filling up quickly-Floral watercolor workshop at the Finger Lakes

I’m excited to announce that my “Floral Watercolor Workshop” is on and filling up quickly! At this workshop I’ll be teaching participants how to:

  • Save money on paint supplies, how to explore a single paint of tube  and getting out of the color rut! (Save money)
  • Participants will receive an inventory booklet with directions how to maximize their pigments…(save money)
  • How to paint bold dramatic florals!
  • We’ll be mounting a watercolor painting onto an Ampersand Claybord, bord provided courtesy by Ampersand Art Supplies (Save money)
  • Learn how to frame without glass…(save money)
  • The workshop is located on Keuka Lake, one of the most beautiful from the Finger Lakes surrounded by incredible wineries…did I say wine??

Sunny Point cottage

  • Only $108. for Yates County Arts Center members and $144. for non-members…(save money)

For information you can contact me and to enroll please the Yates County Arts Center website

I feel a common theme here, how about you??

On the left is a blank Ampersand Gessobord, with watercolor we will mount onto a Claybord, it has a smoother surface. On the right is a mounted watercolor, no additional framing needed!

Blank Ampersand ClaybordWhite Peony mounted onto an Ampersand Claybord

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