4 reasons to paint on Ampersand Bords

I have been spending days applying gesso to my beautiful Ampersand Artist bords, yep it’s BORD, not boards. I’m in love with their products, the advantages of using them far out weigh using a flat canvas. Let’s see:Ampersand Bords

#1- The Gessobords are smooth enough that they don’t need any more layers of Gesso, just unwrap and start painting! It may sound a little weird to someone who doesn’t paint, but I enjoy the sound of the brush as I lay down the paint on that smooth surface, music to my ears.

#2- I also use the Artist Value Series, yes they have far more texture than the Gessobord, but nothing that 3 layers of Gesso and sanding in bewteen can adjust to your liking, I get them right down to the same smoothness of a Gessobord.

#3- The variety of sizes and widths are like a childs playground! For the exhibit “Gift of the Rose”, I’m mixing 2 inch cradles with 1.5″ cradles, 20×16″ cradle with a 20×10″ on each side, 6×6’s on the sides of 16×20’s, one of the series will have 8×10’s  with 3/4″ sides and my favorite is going to have different widths of 8×8″s creating an interplay of depths! I’m having way too much fun with these.

#4- Here’s the best part, imagine the $$ you can save on framing because that’s optional! Just a hook and wire on the back, varnish the sides (optional) and that’s it!

Gesso application to Ampersand Bords

I find gessoing very relaxing almost therapeutic, a little music and I’m in the zone. To Gesso the Artist Value Series;

#1-First I apply painters tape to the sides then I start in the middle with a wide semi-soft brush and work my way out. If you use a stiffer brush it will make indentions that will show up like an eyesore later!

#2- I always have a good light shining on the bord so I can catch dry areas that I didn’t apply the gesso and any indentions caused by the brush. When it’s dry I lightly sand with a fine grit and reapply another layer as needed.


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