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At last, “Tenderness”, in American Art Collector!

At last the May issue of American Art Collector is out and “Tenderness” made a graceful debut under the Xanadu Gallery! Thank you Jason for such an amazing opportunity to be part of the studio group of artists. If you’re not familiar with American Art Collector, it’s the countries leading magazine for art collectors, art galleries and fine art artists. Most artists, like myself, aspire to be in such quality magazine even if it’s once in your lifetime. Made my day!

tenderness of mother and child, yellow rose gift of the rose collection


Black rose and blue rose update

I’ve placed an order at Wegmans for my black roses, they offer a great selection, some have to be specially ordered like the black roses. Black roses are not really black, they are a deep dark red-burgundy. I can’t wait to get them and photograph them in a variety of ways. I have the coolest and oldest seashell, I think it must be as million years old!

As far as blue roses, after research I did, I found these are not real roses, these are tinted through the stem. I want real roses, so I eliminated blue roses from the collection. I found have a a rather extensive and awesome collection of multi-color roses that need their rightful place! Here’s is a red & white rose with a yellow center, it definitely will be in the exhibit!

Save the dates!


Gratitude Pink Rose

“Gift of the Rose” art exhibit

Opening reception: Fri., July 14, 2012, 6pm-8:30pm

Exhibit open to the public: June 29- August 24, 2012
1570 Art Gallery, 1570 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14610, Tel# (585)770-1923.

Gallery hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-8pm

Free live painting demonstrations Paintings will be sold as is, proceeds will go to the Golisano’s Children’s Hospital to further benefit the Pediatric Asthma Support. Perfect way to give to a wonderful cause and for Mother’s Day!
Place: Outside the Box Art Gallery, 6 North main St, Suite 104, Fairport, NY 14450, Tel#377-0132 (Art Gallery is inside the Box Factory on Main St. in Fairport)

Date & Time: Sat. May 12, 2012, 11am-5pm

“Summer Blossom”, 10×20″, Watercolor

Watercolor Workshop I will be teaching a 3-day workshop at the Yates County Art Center in June. I will share my painting techniques to create beautiful flowers, teach you how to save money on paint, give your palette a makeover and how to mount a watercolor onto an Ampersand Claybord all for the incredible low- fee of $144! The best part is that Ampersand Art Supply, the manufacturer has already supplied the Claybords to save you more money.

Dates: June 6, 2012 – June 8, 2012 Days/Hours: Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday from 9:00-4:00 Location: Creative Workshop Fee: $108.00 Members $144.00 Non-Members Age Group: Adult

Summer festivals Summer is here, I think it skipped winter… and that means summer festivals, time to get outdoors and see what’s new! I will be at the following festivals this summer, hope you have an opportunity to stop by! For dates, websites and locations visit my website at

Lilac Art Festival
Allentown Art Festival
Cornhill Art Festival
Clothesline Art Festival
Letchworth Arts & Crafts Show

Exhibit “Thyme in a Garden” art show at the Yates County Art Center
I excited to be one of three artists that will be featured at this wonderful exhibit at the Yates County Arts Center in May. I will have my watercolors mounted on Ampersand Claybords on display. I will be teaching my watercolor techniques at a 3 day workshop at the Yates County Art Center in June.
Exhibit dates: May 18, 2012 through June 16, 2012, opening reception , Friday, May 18, 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Printing services If you’re interested in printing your own artwork or photographs, I highly recommend giving “ ” a try. They are great supporters of the art community, have amazing products and great customer service!
I had the opportunity a few months to visit and meet Sarah and George Campos, father and daughter, at their Office in Amherst, NY. It was a pleasure to put a face with the people that have been extremely patient with home and have helped me out of a few rush orders more than I should admit! I use their services for my giclees. I love their Somerset Velvet paper, it’s smooth, velvety and beautiful. Here’s a little secret if you order $30 or more the shipping is free and you get them in as little as 3 days…shh!
To get the full story about my visit, follow the link :), if you register and start a new account because you learned of “” here, it would be just awesome if you mention my name on the registration…yep, I get a little credit, every bit helps!

CORNER OF INSPIRATION A great artist shared this with me…thank you Nancy again!
Recent post at “Gift of the Rose”:

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Enter the full link and it will display a reduced version. For example, I needed to reduce my post about “Gratitude”, it had 67 characters, the reduced version or Tiny URL had 26 characters, saving me 41 characters. Since, I use these frequently, I copy and paste them on a word document so I have easy access to them in the future!
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“Sweet as the rose that died last year is the rose that is born today” ~ Cosmo Monkhouse, A Dead March

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Gratitude: A pink rose painting

“Gratitude is the memory of the heart”

– J. B. Massieu, Letter to the Abbe Sicard

Pink roses are associated with gratitude among other feelings. Today I wanted to write about what I’m grateful to have in my life. I know life throws us daily challenges and everything seems so overwhelming at times that we overlook the small details. Here is my list of “Gratefulness” for today along which is also the title for this beautiful pink rose painting for the exhibit, enjoy!

Gratitude Pink Rose

1- Grateful to have a another day, I will treat it with respect and enjoyment!

2- That I can paint what I want, my way!

3- See my daughter’s beautiful face in the morning..

4- Make her a breakfast burrito that she loved and said “Thank you mom!”, that was music to my ears..

5- Share my vision, experience and learning curve of painting with you…

6- The peace and quite in the house…

7- Listened to a dear friend artist last night talk about her art…

I challenge you to add to the list by sharing what your grateful for by inviting friends, family and your readers to join the list. How long can we make this list is up to you!

I would like to invite you to visit Manipal’s blog, he fills my days with inspirational quotes and the most awe- inspiring photographs!

Manipal's Photo Blog

“Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways. ”

― Oscar Wilde

At Dubai,
– Rahil Baig

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I’m unwell. This is sooooo baaad! Especially at a time when my college fest is going on. Fever, body ache!!!! Hate this!!!!

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Calling all ladies!

Today I took some photographs of my black Baccara roses and I have to say I’m in love with them! The black petals have a surface similar to plums, a little opacity this is going to be a challenge for me but what is life without a challenge?

I’m cooking, waiting for my daughter to get off the bus, feed her dinner and then off to gymnastics… but I just couldn’t wait to share at least one still life photo with you. My daughter and me share a love for shoes, she has a small collection of miniature purses and shoes and I thought they were the perfect fit for “Calling all Ladies”. I wanted to repeat the polka dots in the green bowl to create harmony in the composition, the bowl serves as a nice complementary to the dark red roses. I can’t wait to paint this one!

Calling all ladies black Baccara roses


Are you a shoe lover?


Thinking About Medications: A Guide for Parents

I found this wonderful post by Craig Canapari, MD at: and thought you might be interested. My 9 year old recently had a cold that was turning worse and finally got better, as a parent I’m constantly trying to not only find her relief without over medicating her or ask myself how long should I give her the same medicine? Let me know what you think!

As a specialist, I often prescribe medication to my patients.  I take this responsibility very seriously. I spend a lot of time in clinic discussing concerns about medications with patients and their families. Many patients are skeptical about using medications in their children. I’d like to explain my thinking about using them, and mention some common misconceptions I have come across in clinic.

My Guidelines for Using Medications

  • The goal is effective treatment of symptoms at the minimum necessary dose. Sometimes that may mean more than one medication or medication at a higher dose than previously used. Sometimes that may mean stopping a medicine that a child has taken for years to see if symptoms reoccur or worsen. If you don’t stop a medication in a well patient, you may not know if he still needs it to stay well.
  • Sometimes, trying a medication is the most effective way to make a diagnosis. There are many common conditions where the diagnosis is made primarily from history and physical examination. There may not be an effective test which is not invasive. Take the example of chronic cough in a child. Common causes may include sinusitis, asthma, or gastroesophageal reflux. Sometimes, I’m pretty sure of the cause. Other times, it is less clear. The way I make the diagnosis is that I try treatments for each in sequence. If an albuterol treatment like steroids or albuterol is effective, asthma is likely. If antibiotics fix the cough, sinusitis is probably the cause, etc. For the vast majority of medications, there is no risk for lasting harm to the child when used on a trial basis.
  • Medication use is temporary until there is proven benefit. If I start a child on a medication I will usually see her back in 4-6 weeks to see if the medication is helping. The benefit should be clear-cut in that timeframe. If the parents are not sure they see improvement, I will stop the medication to see if the condition changes. Or, I will prescribe a different medication or dose.

Common Mistakes Parents Make in Thinking About Medication

I encourage my patients and their families to be informed consumers, and I have no difficulty with discussing risks and benefits of treatment.  I’m a parent and would be wary of my sons taking a daily medication too. However, I feel that that are mistakes which people sometimes make when thinking about the idea of using medication in their child.

Fluticasone metered dose inhalerFluticasone metered dose inhaler (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Assuming that the absence of treatment is better/less risky that treatment. Let’s say I see a little boy named John who has a nighttime cough and wheezes with exercise due to asthma. He has a little bit of difficulty keeping up with his friends in gym class. A daily inhaled steroid medication like fluticasone (brand name Flovent) may have effects on growth at higher doses. However, there is a cost to doing nothing in terms of sleep disruption, decreased athletic performance, and risk of an asthma flare. My response to families is to suggest trying the fluticasone and seeing if their son’s life is better with the medication. Usually, people notice such an improvement that they feel better about using it.
  • Overestimating the likelihood of severe side effects. Fortunately, the nature of my practice is that I am generally not deploying medications with severe common side effects. A common example is montelukast (brand name Singulair). In 2008 the FDA investigated reports of psychiatric side effects including suicide. They were unclear if the medication actually caused these issues. They were not observed in the large medication trials leading to approval of the medication. A warning was added to the list of “adverse events” by the manufacturer. In my practice, montelukast is a useful medication for many patients and behavioral changes are very rare. (I take montelukast myself for allergic rhinitis and have not noticed any issues). Rarely, kids may get moody on the medication. I stop it, and that goes away. Should we take it seriously? Yes. How common is it? Pretty rare.
  • Not applying the same level of scrutiny to alternative therapies as they do to medications. I have been frustrated at times with families who have refused well-accepted therapies (like the influenza vaccine) based on hearsay from disreputable sources.  In the same breath, they will acknowledge the use of chiropractors or homeopathic remedies. I have no issue with the use of alternative modalities in addition to appropriate medical therapy.   However, it is a fallacy to believe that such treatments are necessarily better, safer, or have fewer side effects. Side effects are identified as the result of large multicenter trials with thousands of patients in them; generally, such trials have not been performed to evaluate alternative therapies. If a provider tells you that they have a treatment which is perfectively effective and has no side effects whatsoever, I would be skeptical.

Obviously, no one wants their child on medications. However, some treatments can make your child healthier, improve his or her life, and avoid serious problems. Be a critical consumer of your child’s health care, but do not shy away from a trial of treatment. Make sure you understand the goal of the treatment, any side effects of therapy, and have a clear follow-up plan to help you make the ultimate decision

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