Yellow rose in progress

Here is a full view of a yellow orange flower, almost done. This is a yellow rose with hints of orange, I fell in love with the dark and light middle left area. I started this painting a with a light value underpainting with Burnt Sienna. It’s a little to orange-y, my next step with is to  add lighter values of a range of yellows and add a few more details to the leaves. I’m painting on a variety of Ampersand panels, this one is an 18×24″ Gessobord, so smooth and beautiful, it saves me a ton of time from  gessoing and sanding.

Love this piece, goes perfect in my Tuscany room! My Tuscany room was the family room, now it’s my studio ( well, one of the rooms). My dream is to paint in Tuscany one day, till I get there, I painted this room in warm orange yellow colors, draped with moss green curtains and I painted scenes of Tuscany on gold plates…a little Yanni music and I’m there!

Would love any feedback or suggestions from my artsy friends!

Yellow orange rose gift of the rose exhibit


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2 thoughts on “Yellow rose in progress

  1. Fran Bliek 03/19/2012 at 8:03 pm Reply

    Your yellow-orange rose painting is quite lovely. Can’t wait to see it live. Will it be in the May Exhibit at YCAC? Do you have any images you would like to feature in the promotion of that show. I admire your focus and your pursuit of excellence in your paintings. Keep it going!

    • Peggy Martinez 03/19/2012 at 8:30 pm Reply

      For the YCAC exhibit I have the watercolors on Claybord. The roses are for the summer exhibit. I have wonderful news, one of the rose paintings will be in the May issue of American Art Collector under the Xanadu art Gallery! Once I get it professionally photographed I will post it, it’s an awesome piece!

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