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Special ladies at Interlakes Oncology & Hematology

This is a huge thank you to the amazing staff at the Interlakes Oncology & Hematology at ParkRidge Hospital! You ladies make everyone feel special and loved, your dedication is impressive and real. I’m happy to have been moved up from anemic to the lower scale of iron, but you make me fee better and strong specially after that shot of iron…here’s a rose for you!

Red rose for Interlakes Oncology and Hematology


“Tenderness” in American Art Collector

tenderness of mother and child, yellow rose gift of the rose collectionWhen I left my full time job in 2009 to pursue a career in art, one of my long-term goals was to be in a major art magazine such as American Art Collector perhaps in about 10 years or so. I’m extremely happy to announce “Tenderness” will be in American Art Collector! Perhaps the May issue, yet to be confirmed. This rose took me about a total of 3-4 days to paint, not bad for a newbie to oils. I’m learning so much and enjoying painting with oils, I’m stretching my skills and just warming up!

I relate flowers to human nature events and emotions. “Tenderness” is about the relationship between mother and child, the mother rose protecting a young one.  Having three daughters and a grandson, I feel very close to this piece, enjoy!

St. Patrick’s Day roses

A few days late, but I finally was able to upload this image…Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day! I found these beautiful green & white roses at Wegmans, thought you might enjoy them!

Yellow rose in progress

Here is a full view of a yellow orange flower, almost done. This is a yellow rose with hints of orange, I fell in love with the dark and light middle left area. I started this painting a with a light value underpainting with Burnt Sienna. It’s a little to orange-y, my next step with is to  add lighter values of a range of yellows and add a few more details to the leaves. I’m painting on a variety of Ampersand panels, this one is an 18×24″ Gessobord, so smooth and beautiful, it saves me a ton of time from  gessoing and sanding.

Love this piece, goes perfect in my Tuscany room! My Tuscany room was the family room, now it’s my studio ( well, one of the rooms). My dream is to paint in Tuscany one day, till I get there, I painted this room in warm orange yellow colors, draped with moss green curtains and I painted scenes of Tuscany on gold plates…a little Yanni music and I’m there!

Would love any feedback or suggestions from my artsy friends!

Yellow orange rose gift of the rose exhibit

New story today- read about roses and slavery!

Muliti-color Red White yellow centered roseWe just received an inspiring poem from Lori Nolasco about roses, slavery and Maplewood Rose Garden. Thank you Lori! One of the most beautiful multi-color references I have are from Maplewood Rose Garden. Lori’s poem was in the Poets Walk. It is all about the historical aspect of the garden, which is located on the last stop of the Underground Railroad. A must read under “Multi-color roses

Yellows roses in progress

I’ve started the paintings for the yellow roses, 3 different roses and views. Waiting for panels to dry to continue layering. I switched to Liquin medium to speed up the drying of the oil painting, good decision but boy does it smell! The medium is what I use to thin oil paints, some are smelly and give me headaches. On to the orange section! Here is a reference to one of the yellow rose paintings in progress, I’ll post pictures soon! How about a title?

Yellow rose for gift of the rose art exhibit

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